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Conjugate a Smile

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Brazil / Carefree / Travel
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I’ve traveled locally and internationally and I’ve come to learn that whether we are at home or abroad, there’s value in connection. Whether it’s an ethnic enclave in the city where waves of immigrants continually arrive and enrich the locale with more culture, or whether it’s another country entirely, there’s value in being a good guest and exercising manners and kindness. Not only does it reduce chances for conflict, it also makes people more willing […]

Turning Leaves

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Fiction / Writing

I don’t like you, I say. I know, he says with a shrug. I haven’t told him anything he hasn’t suspected. But I don’t like you either. I guess it’s good to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts. It isn’t good to know that the person who is there with me is the one I don’t like. Ironic. The wind blows and my flat-ironed hair blows with it, whipping it across my forehead […]