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How to Make Caipirinha

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Boas festas! Happy holidays! Let’s get f*****d up! Let’s responsibly enjoy drinks with heavy alcohol contents responsibly! And what’s on the menu today? The caipirinha! The caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil and tantalizes the taste buds with sugar, lemon and cachaça, the super strong sugar cane liquor found here. You haven’t lived until you’ve found yourself on your butt from a few hours at a barzinho with friends! In fact, it was the drink of […]

How to Travel Cheap [Infograph]

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Nobody likes paying too much for a plane ticket. Well, to be perfectly honest, nobody likes paying anything. Period. When I traveled to Seoul, South Korea a few years back, I wish I had known how to hack travel because it would have saved me oodles of money. I wised up when I got my plane tickets for Brazil a year and a half later. And by that I mean I got my travel-hacking friend to […]