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Gay Life in Brazil: Kennedy Santana Interview

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As you have no doubt seen from my Twitter account (and if you haven’t, need to be following me!), I’ve been working on a series to highlight the perspectives of gay and bisexual men in Brazil, specifically the Northeast region. Among the first people to agree to interview with me was Kennedy Santana, an extraordinary makeup artist who’s traveled across the globe from Argentina to London (with fun stops in between) to hone his craft.

Stop Man-ifying Everything

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Digital Citizen / Personal & Style / Queer

There’s a trend of gendering things that needs to stop. As men, we like some of the stuff we decide is feminine and womanly and isn’t within the realm of masculinity. And what do we do? We re-brand it, as if changing what we call it makes it less womanly. Makes it less gay (in the case of heterosexuals or those with internalized homophobia–dare we say, femmephobia?). A lot of you need to get over your addiction to man-ifying […]