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Teaching Engish in Brazil – WATCH

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Brazil / Recife Guide
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When people find out that I teach English and live in Brazil, they always want to know one thing: How do you do it? My answer every time is usually a variation of explaining how I got started, how I find clients, how I maintain relationships, and how I manage to have so much free time to travel (and party) in between lessons. And then magic of Brazil’s legends takes over their minds: The longest beach […]

Sage Guide to Brazil Vlog Series

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Brazil / Recife Guide

So I’ve been in Brazil for quite a bit and I realize that while I’ve been experiencing a lot, I haven’t been sharing it. At least, not useful bits. It’s not really my style to write about myself just experiencing stuff, so I only have a few of those types of posts (i.e.: açaí experience, siriguela love, or cashew nut from hell). I found that I more enjoy helping people how to do the things they want to do or […]

A Day Spent Sundaying

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Recife Guide

Before I proceeded to stay at home reading well into the night, I decided to see what Boa Viagem had to offer when I wasn’t merely on duty. I ventured out a little farther than my usual haunt to discover more places. #IgrejaAzul or Blue Church at #BoaViagem Plaza. The proper name is Igreja Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem or Church of Our Lady of Boa Viagem. Just one of the places I decided to […]