Ziriguidum: Say it Five Times Fast

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Brazil / Culture

A song that was very popular when I arrived in Brazil (and I can’t believe I didn’t blog about it) is called Ziriguidum. When I asked what it meant, no one give me a definitive answer. Years passed and I completely forgot about the song until this morning. Turning to my good friend Google…

Ziriguidum, pronounced Zee-Ree-Ghee-Doom, is a Brazilian Portuguese word that classically defined, expresses the sounds of drums and other percussive instruments.

Decidedly Jazz

Ziriguidum is nothing but a Brazilian Portuguese word or an onomatopoeic which is pronounced with a strong and flavored South African tone.


Here’s the thing though: Neither of those descriptions do justice to the music. They describe it, sure, but you can only feel it by listening. Here’s the official video:

Ziriguidum is an example of how most Brazilian music is for me–and I love to hear it played live. There’s fun like you have when you go to an amusement park, but this is the kind of fun that you have by just breathing and being alive.

Expressing gratitude for life through song and dance.

Feeling your voice and limbs extend and move through the air.

Hearing the music, seeing it played, and feeling it shake your bones and energize you to keep dancing well after your feet have quit and your legs retired.

Maybe I just described Carnaval, or maybe I just decribed Sundaying on the day of the month when Marco Zero is poppin’.

But anyway, Ziriguidum is really popular too! You can see various choreographies done to it’s rhythm all across Brazil. And of course, there are remixes. Here’s a popular one I just found while searching for the original clip. It’s got more sharply percussive elements that remind me of the Maracatu genre.

What do you think? Is Ziriguidum for you? Leave a comment telling me your thoughts!


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