SURPRISE: Unsolicited Police Violence–NOW ON AUTO-PLAY!

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Digital Citizen

We all have a thing that puts uss off our game sometimes–I didn’t know one of mine would come from Facebook’s newest feature: Auto-play.

They’re fun when they’re showing amazing stunts and kitties-and-babies yawning, but the feature can be a source of horror. Specifically: Cop violence videos.I dont like that these police videos auto-play on the timeline. Like, who wants to be subjected to having to watch anything about them if they can avoid it?

Generally, it’s a startling video of a cop engaging in some sort of violence and that’s just not where a lot of people want their heads to be willy-nilly, especially given the national “moment” we’re in. Especially those of us who follow the discourse in this area and haven’t grown numb to it. Yet.

Many people know someone who has had (or maybe have had themselves) an encounter with police that can be described as anywhere from startling to traumatic. Regardless of the circumstances of the incident, who wants to get on Facebook and have to be triggered by that?

There should be an option to START the video if you want, not have it play automatically and probably put you off for the rest of your day.

Just a thought.

At any rate, I still plan to have the most serene evening despite having had to witness something horrible [TRIGGER WARNING]a man get shot for going into his van to pull out ID[/TRIGGER WARNING] because I wasn’t quick enough to pause.


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