A Day Spent Sundaying

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Recife Guide

Before I proceeded to stay at home reading well into the night, I decided to see what Boa Viagem had to offer when I wasn’t merely on duty. I ventured out a little farther than my usual haunt to discover more places.

This is the infamous “blue church” of Boa Viagem. Last year during the world cup, I helped a British tourist find it by roughly translating. Had I known that it was so beautiful, I would have asked to discover it with him.

This photo is on a different part of the beach than the one I normally go to–you may have noticed that Brazil has a HUGE shoreline. This photo was an accident–I was trying to zoom to get a better view of the reef in the background but touchscreens goan’ touchscreen and I wound up with a dynamic pic of a girl mid-stride and some men with a boat doing boat stuff. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

So I guess the only question to ask is, “why don’t you join me?”


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