Sunday in the Key of Anniversary

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Millennial Stepping Stone / Queer

I told you guys in another post about my Sundaying habit, but today was a different ballgame. Aniervson and I celebrated two years of happiness, headaches, heartfulness and health (properly June 10) and while we had originally planned to go to the amusement park, the weather was like “lol f u guys”.

A rainbow is nature's smug look after two days of nonstop watery death from above.

A rainbow is nature’s smug look after two days of nonstop watery death from above.

So since nature was gonna do its thing outside, we took it inside to RioMar, the largest shopping mall in South America–it’s a place you should totally check out when you get to Recife!

There isn’t much to say–I enjoyed my time thoroughly with husbae and completely forgot to take photos of the food, setting, and interesting stuff.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Nothing. Because I forgot to take pictures. This is what failure looks like.


Pictured: A face in the throes of frustration and failure. Or painful sex with a humanoid entity that did not disclose its interplanetary status. Either way, this was my face when I realized.

But there is a silver lining to this: I ignored my phone for a long time to live in the analogue world. Now maybe it will look like I’m a good guy. Kidding. I’m a villain.


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