How to Avoid Being Scammed During Travel [Infographic]

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Whether you’re on vacation or in your own city, scammers gonna scam. It may feel shameful to admit if it’s happened to you, but these people are seasoned and professional con people. They literally woke up this morning with the sole intent to rip you off.

But there’s hope! The better you’re prepared for these scams, the better you can protect yourself. Below is an infographic from JustTheFlight that I unashamedly spent ages pouring over. I hope you can say you’ve done the same.


If you have any experience being scammed or ripped off, let us know! Also, if you see any scams that may not be here, take a moment to enlighten us so that we can all protect ourselves.


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Sage Nenyue is a hi-falootin' Cappuccino aficionado who's searching for the foundation of freedom, happiness, and personal luxury.

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