A Taste of Siriguela

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Brazil / Culture

What’s sweet and tangy and impossible to put down once you’ve started?

If your answer isn’t siriguela, go back and try again until it is.

As you know, I’ve been getting more and more into local fruits here in Recife. I’ve talked about açaí and caju on the blog before, but there are so many more to experience and learn about. For example, there’s siriguela.

siriguela, brazilian fruit, exotic

A handful of heaven tbh..

Siriguela is a fruit found in Brazil (aliases include: Red Mombin, Purple Mombin, Hog Plum, Ciruela Huesito Venezuela, and Sineguela, according to Wikipedia). It’s small, oval, orange and smells sweet when it’s ripe. In the feiras (open-air fruit/veggie markets) you can buy them at a few reais per kilogram—though I can’t imagine anyone would eat that many unless it was for several people or they REALLY liked them.

Siriguela can be eaten like cherries where you pop them into your mouth and spit out the pits, or you can juice them into a glass that goes great with anything during the hot winter days or hellish summer days.

siriguela, hog plum, brazil,

I got a bucket, got a bucket full’a sunshine…

Have you ever had it? Have you had it in another country under a different name? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @sagesaturn.


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