Published in Travel Noire: “Tips to Maximize Your Day in Recife Brazil”

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Millennial Stepping Stone / Travel
boa viagem, recife, what to do in recife

So today came with a great birthday gift: I was published on Travel Noire, a travel platform dedicated to increasing the visibility of travelers from the African diaspora. Of course, as I’m learning all there is to know about Recife, I wrote a 24 hour travel guide that you should totally check out!

Close your eyes (but not really so you can read the rest of this post). Take a deep breath. Exhale it slowly. As you do, let the sway of the tall coconut palm trees lining the street loosen any sense of obligation. Let the vibrant murals of street art transform your thoughts of worry into reminders not to hurry. Let the breathtakingly beautiful and historic architecture consume you until you realize, perhaps for the first time since the beginning of this exercise, you are in Brazil.

Not only are you in Brazil, you are in Recife, the gem of the Northeast. You will be here for 24 hours. How do you make the most of this beautiful turn of luck? Follow the guide.


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