Geeking Out: “Space is Amazing!”

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Somewhat Daily Musings

I don’t know why I like seeing science stuff in the morning. Bear with me for a hundred words–I’m geeking out! I’m not a scientist but I thank science and art for creating so much beauty.

Like in this clip.

For some reason, I find this clip AMAZING. Like, I can’t stop watching it. It’s a replica of our solar system hurtling through the infinite darkness of space. I know it’s gonna sound cliche, but I feel so humbled when I think about how the sun in this image is the size of an ink blot–what are we then?

Another thing that gets me about this image is that the planets revolving around the sun aren’t doing so in that neat model we always see in Science Class posters. They don’t respect the left/right, up/down dichotomy. It’s awesome!


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