First Açaí Experience–DIVINITY IN A CUP!

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acai com bananas e mel, recife

I’ve been in Brazil for almost 2 years and I haven’t had it’s most famous fruit: Açaí.

“Que horror!” collectively shouts anyone who has ever had the magical delicacy.

For those of you not in the know, Açaí is a “wonderfruit” good for energizing and keeping you feeling fresh. It’s from the Amazon region of Brazil that had been “undiscovered” despite Indigenous peoples consuming it for “ages” as part of their diet. Within the last few decades, it has been industrialized and commercialized and now is everywhere in Brazil and exported all over the world. And by the way, it’s DELICIOUS.

Just this past Sunday I went ahead and rectified not having had any when I was out with a group of new friends in the Graças neighborhood of Recife. We took an early break from doing bunches of media work to go to Açaí Beat, where we were given the fruits of the gods. And OMG when I tell you it was HEAVEN…!

Gio, who I’d just met that day and who’s as wonderful as she is beautiful, asked me how it tasted. I’d almost said like honey and bananas before I realized I ought to try it isolated. Being a little messy, I finally got a bit without honey or bananas and couldn’t answer. So I made a comparison. “There’s apples, there’s oranges, and there’s açaí. It’s like a ‘foundation’ taste.” (If you have ever had açaí, leave a comment below telling me if you can compare it to anything, or if it’s in a league of its own.)

Getting the medium cup serving of açaí with bananas and honey was more than I could have ever asked for. While I won’t have the honey with it next time, I sampled it with maracujá ice cream as well as peanut butter brittle (called pasoca here). When I figure out how to send tastes over the internet, you guys will be the first. But for now, just trust that it was THE BOMB DOT COM! You can tell by our smiling faces!

So yeah. It was magnificent! Everyone featured in the photo is an artist and you should definitely check them all out!

Gio Zirpoli
Kennedy Santana
Jonathan Oliver
Francisco Andrade

And if you ever get a chance to try açaí, take it! You won’t regret it!


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Sage Nenyue is a hi-falootin' Cappuccino aficionado who's searching for the foundation of freedom, happiness, and personal luxury.


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