Mediating Media: Twitter Timeline on Fleek!

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As you know, when it comes to the bluebird platform Twitter, it’s all conversing conversating with the people you wished you knew in real life. It’s about following and being followed. And while that is all good and great, even your faves can be annoying. My advice for optimizing your timeline is simple: Don’t be afraid to press the mute button. You have to be able to control your social media intake!  And if your primary tool of choice is Tweetdeck, get in there and use that “excluding content” feature!

Here’s how:

You live in a country or timezone where a show hasn’t come on but those annoying East Coasters are livetweeting it or you can’t watch it because you’re at your cousin’s wedding? EXCLUDE #Korra.

Someone is posting nudes of hotties and you’re usually into that but you’re at work not trying to risk your 401k? MUTE @Person.

Someone is posting and talking about that video that you find horrendous? MEE-YOOT @Person and Exclude #ISISVIDEO. Including RTs.

Someone you absolutely love and usually interact with is tweeting something that you just CANNOT with but you love following them otherwise (i.e.: your fave twitter clown livetweeting the BET Awards)? MYOOT and REBUKE those heathens in the name of Beysus! (But then forgive them, for they know not what they do.)

We live in a time where we take so much in and forget that we have our own wants, needs, and capacities to handle even the things we love. “Too much of something….” Amirite?

Special Note: Trending Topics or Timeline Wide Discussions

Sometimes things happen and all of Twitter gets into a certain Hashtag. Like #Scandal or #HowToGetAwayWithMurder. Other times, it’s a news event. #KeenePumpkinRiots, anyone? But even if you don’t have that heavily featured on your timeline, if you follow people who follow each other and a topic of discussion gets the party popping… It’s like being in a lecture and not having done the reading and not having cared to do it because you’re just auditing anyway because you needed something to do while your roommate and their boo-thang had scheduled smash time. Ahem.

You can file this under mute-especially if you use Tweetdeck like me. But you may not want to mute stuff. You may be interested in seeing but not participating.

Twitter can be like sitting behind the announcer’s desk at a WWE match where the wrestlers leave the ring: You’re watching the stuff but the minute you manually RT or use the HT once, you’re visible and now potentially in a discussion you dont want to be a part of.

You’re gonna have to exercise willpwoer: You may be @’d into conversations you were only marginally interested in. You may be RT’d by a person who’s got horrible followers and now your mentions are being blown up with insults and all kinds of degrading crap by degenerates whose parents didn’t give them enough attention as children. Short of blocking every person, you can @ them and ask them to exclude you from future tweets in the thread.

So your choices will be to essentially look past the bait, become a thumb thug and start mean-thumbing folks’ mamas, or to log off until the TL has gone into a favorable level of POPS SEVERELY.


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