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I read a thing on the internet and I liked it so I’m putting a ring on it.


Photo courtesy of TheVisibilityProject.com

Photo courtesy of TheVisibilityProject.com

A post from The Visibility Project (a platform that describes itself as a stage rigged with a fixed spotlight on artists and playmakers of color and the LGBTQ community), it entered my twitter TL and I decided that I just HAD to know what happens when Black men unapologetically love themselves–being a Black man working toward the unapologetic part every day, after all. I kinda broke my rule about waiting to click headlines and I honestly feel like I turned out better for it.

Painia talks about a song and video from Kendrick Lamar called “i”. I’ve honestly always skipped him when he came on Pandora and was only slightly meh when they said Macklemore stole his award–I’m not so hot on the “real” rap scene. After reading P’s interpretation, I watched the video and listened to the song and read the lyrics and I can honestly say that I’m a fan.

Once it hit me that a young Black male was rapping unapologetically about loving himself I pretty much almost fell on the floor. We have one of the most prominent rappers of the last couple of years, who is still in the process of evolving and shaping his music and who he truly is as an artist, shouting to all who have ears that he loves himself. Despite the police brutality, the small chances of him ever making it out of his disadvantaged neighborhood and the stresses of newfound fame, he loves himself.

B. Alexandria Painia

Honestly, I’ll probably be checking out much more of Lamar’s stuff. I didn’t really give him much of a chance and I’m currently paying for it by being late to the self-love party.  Here’s the video. Tell me what you think!


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