Why You’re #Winning Even If You Feel Otherwise

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I'M AN ADULT!!! / Millennial Stepping Stone

All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN no matter WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!

I woke up as I do every morning by counting the ways my life was failsauce:

  1. I’m not a doctor
  2. I’m not a lawyer
  3. I’m not an Obama
  4. I’m not a world-renown artist
  5. I’m not a Blue Ivy stylist
  6. I’m not the period at the end of etc.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this.  So, when I found this article at LifeHack, I really got my life by putting everything into perspective.

We all feel like failures from time to time. While this is a normal feeling, you have to find a way to see yourself and your life from a different perspective. Sometimes we ignore the “little things.” Just because you are not a millionaire, don’t live in a mansion, and you don’t drive a fancy car, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. In fact, it’s quite the contrary… (Read more)



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