Staycation: A Quick Plan for Pampering

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You want to do something worthwhile during your time off from work or school but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of going anywhere because you’re broke you’re so over it when it comes to jet-setting. You want to relax without the hassle of planning unnecessary activities and you want to do your thing your way.

You want to plan a staycation.

miranda, devil wears prada, no it wasnt a question

No, no. It wasn’t a question.

A lot of planning the perfect staycation is first understanding what simple things make you happy: Socializing? Alone time? Activities? Downtime? Travel by metro? Wandering through museums?

After determining what is best for you, the next step is to plan accordingly. Set up tickets and get your money right. Call people and tell them to leave you alone for a few days or that you’re going away; find a sitter for your kids or pets if need be; set up an auto-mailer telling people that you’re not answering emails right now and that you’ll return soon.

photo courtesy of Angie Vianzon

photo courtesy of Angie Vianzon

Now that you’re set, do your thang! Stick to the thing you said you’d do, or be flexible with your time–so long as it makes sense for your goals. For example, if you planned to enrich yourself over staycation by learning to do something, it’d be best to stick to a routine. If you’re staycaying from a rigid schedule, flexibility and downtime may be your best bet.

For me, a staycation used to be a time to catch up on my favorite series and animes because I didn’t watch TV so much. But now that I have incorporated a daily dose of series into my life (I require a bit of entertainment for stability daily and am horrible at dehumanizing workgrinds, it would seem), my staycations tend to revolve around relaxing exploration and quenching my curiosity–basically, giving myself the royal treatment.

What about you? Would you rather travel or stay home? If you’re one of the brave and willing when it comes to staycationing, what’s your method? Tell us in the comments below or give a shout @sagesaturn on twitter.


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