Stop Man-ifying Everything

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There’s a trend of gendering things that needs to stop. As men, we like some of the stuff we decide is feminine and womanly and isn’t within the realm of masculinity. And what do we do? We re-brand it, as if changing what we call it makes it less womanly. Makes it less gay (in the case of heterosexuals or those with internalized homophobia–dare we say, femmephobia?).

A lot of you need to get over your addiction to man-ifying behaviors and objects unnecessarily.


It’s a bun. It is achieved by anyone who has long enough hair to be able to pull it up and pile it atop his or her head. It is literally a utilitarian style for anybody with a lot of hair; the practical style for anyone who doesn’t want hair in their face but also doesnt want it flowing down their back but also doesn’t want to cut it. The eternal question: What the fuck else you ‘posed to do with it?

joshua kissi streetstyle bun

Joshua Kissi photo courtesy of

And also it’s fabulous as fuck. Adding man in front of it makes you look stupid.

Photo of Justin Passmore courtesy of

Photo of Justin Passmore courtesy of

They got buns, hun–obviously my anaconda wants some. But neither my anaconda nor I want anything to do with manbuns. The word “manbun” is, to quote the wise Nicki Minaj once said in her early gospel:


Nicki Minaj, Did It On Em

Also, random: As I was on the way home from work, I saw a guy on the bus with a bun. He also seemed to have an individual style that set him apart from everyone around him. Since he was heading in the same direction and we ended up on the same train, I connected with the guy and I’ll interview him for the blog. It won’t only be about the bun. Hopefully it’ll shed some light on some aspects of the culture of the overlooked Brazilian city of Recife.


It’s eyeliner. It’s used to decorate your eyes whether it be to make them lighter or darker. Adding the guy prefix in place of eye makes no sense. Humans are typically born with eyes as anatomical fixtures, not guys. Why would anyone be lining guys?

Photo of Hwang Tae Kyung courtesy of

Photo of Hwang Tae Kyung courtesy of

pharrell williams eyeliner, guyliner, paris

Photo of Pharrell Williams courtesy of

OK, in the interest of fair disclosure: I would TOTALLY line those guys. But you know what I mean.

Let’s just agree that eyeliner can bring out depth and dimension in some peoples’ eyes. I used to use eyeliner as a teenager (liquid) and then I graduated in college to a light dusting that made my lashes bang and smolder without having to have any personality of my own. That’s how on-point my eye game was.

Now what you ain’t finna do is And you can’t pretend that Lenny Kravitz as Cinna didn’t rock the heck out of that gold eyeliner in The Hunger Games. Exhibit YASS:

Lenny Kravitz gold eyeliner cinna

Photo of Lenny Kravitz as Cinna courtesy of

Lenny Kravitz in glorious gold eyeliner is more man than you can aspire to be. Sorry bout it.


It’s a bag that is light and used to carry small miscellaneous items when you don’t want your pockets to appear to be bulging with the mass of your wallet, pens, notepad, or whatever else you may be carrying. Or if you want the only bulge people to pay attention to being your peen. Honestly, that men don’t carry around personal bags more often is the real crime. Even worse: The naming. “man bag” and “murse” (man purse) sounds horrendous. You don’t get points for verbally “masculinizing” a bag. (Although the DailyMail certainly tried it with Alec Baldwin equating his acquisition of a bag with a metrosexual and more feminine look–to go with his new healthy lifestyle, of course. Because health is feminine. *Rolls eyes*)

Photo of Alex Baldwin courtesy of

Photo of Alex Baldwin courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Closing Remarks

I think the desire to manify stems from insecurity in masculinity as individuals and as a culture as a whole. Whether trying to market new aesthetics or widen profit margins by targeting outside demographics historically marketed to, we allow stupid stuff like this to blast off.

Too many men have uncomfortable feelings of appearing to be too close to femininity. And too many in our culture internalize this, and allow for only a certain type of man and, as is the nature with double-edged swords, a certain type of woman. What types?


*Head turns to the camera like an after-school special and locks eyes with the camera*. We limit how far men can go to express themselves and we do the same with women. It’s like unscrewing a ceiling fan while it’s turned on: Everyone gets hurt.

“Ideals” of what men and women are supposed to be, with very little mercy for anything that deviates from those molds, are the standard. What more, they’re relentlessly violent towards everyone involved, with a special sort of violence reserved for genderqueer, non-binary, and non-heterosexuals. And yes, they’re racialized.

Seeing a bag on an Asian man, for example, is more acceptable in the US than on a Black man, as Asian men are perceived to be more feminine than normal and Black men more masculine than normal. And yes, normal refers to white men–the invisible center and standard which allows the Normal/Other to exist.

At any rate, here’s the takeaway: Eyeliner is for people with eyes. Bags are for people who don’t want to carry things in their clothing. Buns are for people who want to put their hair atop their heads.

So find some chill and apply it to your narrow-mindedness.


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