【Personal Luxury】 Self-Care for the Digital Citizen

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Luxury is a state of mind that doesn’t have to cost a dime—all that matters is that you’re doing what makes you feel good in the way that completes you and brings you happiness. We chisel beautiful experiences from space and time.

In an effort to put myself out there and re-overcome my camera shyness, I’ve made a video that I’m hoping is the first of many to come. It corresponds with some other posts I’ve written about living your life to the fullest and stepping back to re-ignite your passion. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Also, I invite you to talk to me on twitter: What is personal luxury to you? Is it about pampering yourself, selfcare, or just being grateful for a roof over your head? If you tell me before I make the next video, your tweet can appear in the next installment!

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