Mediating Media: How to Control Your Social Media Intake

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Like many Millennials, you probably get your news from social media–as in, you follow links to stories from your friends or from the accounts of your fave news outlets. For me, I’m most interested in news stories that follow racial and sexuality/gender injustices, Afro/Latin@ cultural stories/narratives, Brasilian racial/LGBTQ policies and daily life (seasonal stuff to do, elections) and the Big International Thing of the day/week. Having the info I want when I want it is basically the Millennial dream. But there’s a nightmare component to having curated news and stories at our fingertips: Information overload.

In particular the these types of stories tend to be loaded with violent history and emotion, and as someone who takes this in on the daily, lemme tell you something: UUUGGGHHH!

A couple hard-hitting stories too heavy and within too close a time frame and I’m DONE. I’m sapped. I can’t be bothered to hang the clothes. I can’t be bothered to eat anything that isn’t pre-packaged (meaning I’m probably not gonna eat since we generally cook all of our food). I can’t be bothered to change Miss Selena’s litter box.

Why must the good ones always pay?

Why must the good ones always pay?

The only way to get me back in good spirits is to try dressing nicely and go shopping, forcing a grin and making myself practice Portuguese with the sales associates in high end retail stores.

HOWEVER: That shit got real expensive real fast and I remembered that I only made it by hood-rich standards and that I’m still a broke bicha. So I had to be proactive against social justice fatigue.

I take links with interesting headlines and bookmark them either into a folder on my bookmarks bar or copy and paste the link and headline into my Sticky Notes for later. Then I check back periodically throughout the day to see if I’m still interested. If I am, I click. If not, I chuck it.

But I wont read another story for at least 4 hours.

This isn’t an everyday ritual for me. I can generally take it. It’s horrible to say, but tales of injustice and death on this land are woven into my DNA. But one’s limits only go so farand I’ve noticed that I tend to check the heck out around Wednesday morning, so by Humpday afternoon, I’m generally following this model of “Play it or Pass it.”

Also, I literally never read the comments.

Beyoncé, never read the comments, Bey gif, No

You don’t get to be queen by worrying about the trash spoken by little people


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Sage Nenyue is a hi-falootin' Cappuccino aficionado who's searching for the foundation of freedom, happiness, and personal luxury.


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