Gotham Impressions (Review of S1xE1)

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Gotham turned out to be super bomb! Like, way better than I thought it was going to be. I was totally here for it. To start off, it wastes no time getting to the good stuff. In fact, the show wasn’t even 3 minutes in and was already invested. Here’s a short recap full of spoilers and my thoughts on the characters.

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We open up and I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be a teenager or adult playing a teenager life every series ever, but Selena Kyle is out here thuggin and muggin. Stealing milk to nourish cats and stealing wallets to nourish her OBVIOUSLY LAVISH lifestyle, her criminal activities are seen as benign and almost noble next to the shitstorm that goes down next. To which she bears witness from a fire escape.

What happened? Well, some dude robbed and killed Batman’s that little boy whose name is Bruce Last-Name-Unknown-as-of-now’s parents. I can never sit through that scene no matter how many incarnations I’ve seen of it via comics or film, but that Little Boy Screech™ sent CHILLS down my spine. I bet Not-Gonna-Be-Batman wins an Emmy for that banshee cry.

That’s how you do two origin stories and set the stage–especially when everyone knows the story! 3 minutes. Actions that speak louder than words. Two characters DONE. And it sets the stage for later when the show needs Cat-Bat angst to move the plot forward when the show needs Cat-Bat angst to move the plot forward.


Establishing setting and character is easy when you know everybody who’s coming into play, but it can also be TOTALLY cheesy and overplayed. Shouldn’t have opened with that sentence because that is has NO relevance to what I’m going to say! Gotham City Police Department’s HQ looks like a GAHdamn circus. All them punks and whatnots and whathaveyous. We know mental illness and general goon type shit shenanigans run rampant in this fucked up, classist ass, something’s in the water ole head ass fair city but holy hell if this cinematic-ass prelude ain’t the bees knees!

Rookie James Gordon (former soldier referred to his partner as “Souljaboy”-no-pun-no-irony) takes a masculiney manly role and masculinely mans out on a mentally-ill detainee who needs his pills. He’s not hypermasculine, but his opening act puts him as tough-but-fair-oozing-with-testosterone. We get the sense that Gordon’s a man’s man who does things his own way and plays by the rules but with his own spin. He’s also the kinda guy a few people on my Twitter timeline expressed they’d like to have sit on their faces. Like not “taking-extra-money-during-Monopoly” but you get what I mean. We also see him placed as the “good guy” next to the obviously base 5-0 who go on to brutalize the man. What a nice guy.

He’s partnered with a man that endorses MO GUNZ in stark opposition to Good Guy Rookie Gordon. In 1 minute or less, we now know who the good good guy is. And how good-looking good can be while rockin that professional undercut-to-fade. Mrrrrrroooow.

But can we take a minute to ask how Gordon is such a good guy when an obviously mentally ill man needs his medication and Gordon doesn’t help him so much as doesn’t thrash him as badly as his cop buddies do? Something to ponder. Something. To. Ponder.

But we get some nice character interaction between Little Bruce Ohh-It-IS-HIM! Wayne and Rookie Gordon. Bruce crying like he just lost his… oh, nevermind. Gordon connects with Lil Bruster.

“However dark and scary the world may be right now, there will be light. […] Be strong. BE. STRONG.” No foreshadowing there.


As the show gets into a more rapid pace and attention spans are as long as–who put that cheese on the oven? Seriously. Why is there cheese on the oven? OMG IM GONNA SNAPCHAT THIS ATROCITY!!–I’ve made a listicle of things.

0. The Baddies are Gonna Be Awesome.

I added this post draft and was too lazy to make it #1 and change the subsequent numbering so this is #0 AND YOU WILL DEAL. *hairflips* Anyway, the villains from what I’ve seen are really going to let us have it. And funnily enough they’re not even villains yet (in some cases)! But those who’re into the Batman lore know what they’ll become. Ehehehehe. Take a gander and GET YOUR LIFE!

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1. Enter Alfred.
Nn-uh. That accent. Nah, bruh. Go on ‘head with that. Buuuttt, I guess you aint a dark-skinned Black woman so you wont be recast next season you’re a fine castmember and you aint goin no where so Imma just get used to it. But I won’t like it.

2. Law Enforcement shit.
N00 Yawk acksents. Bald Bad (good) Black Brotha™. Tough Chick Montoya. Macho shit.
And Good Guy Gordon is being hated on cos he’s too pure and innocent and shit.

“YOU’RE TOO RIGHTEOUS [and might make me a better man].”
“YOU’RE TOO CYNICAL [and might drag me into falling into a fixer-upper].”

Detective montage. Swinging lights. Feels lazy and rushed because of the grand spare-no-expense feel of everything else, to be honest. I mean, I get that it’s supposed to denote that time is passing and events are happening, but it could’ve been done in a way that wasn’t reminiscent of an 80’s wacky cleaning crew tidying up before mom got home. But whuteva.

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3. Cute Geek
Not-the-Riddler. No foreshadowing. He was on the screen for all of 26.82 seconds but I looove him. And between him, Rookie Gordon, and Felix from Orphan Black, I think #TwinkBae2k14 might start trending in my spirit. You wouldn’t believe how I waxed poetic about this nerdy little bubbly boy in the draft of this review, but I held it back for yalls’ sake. You’re welcome. But seriously, this whole review was going to be about the petition I’m drafting cos my new boo-thang didn’t get enough screentime.

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4. Fish “Where’s My Money?” Mooney
Giving us that GOOD GOOD is Fish Mooney. Brazen as all fuck and outspoken as all hell within the first minute she comes onto the screen, I’m actually a little bit scared of her. She’s literally my old next door neighbor (owned her own brownstone and dressed with income to spare while no one knows exactly what she did for work because it wasn’t “selling vacuums” and we all knew it) and talks just like her. And I’m sure she had fools jumped and flayed just like Mooney. I REALLY want to see more of Fish. At any rate, between the set up and the come up she’s planning, she’s pretty awesome.

7. Gordon Gets it In (Maybe)
Gordon returns to Barbara at home and I think they had sex. I can’t tell because the screen faded into another scene and the vibes between them weren’t palpable enough to let me know if they had sex or not. But I think it was sex. Roaring fireplaces aren’t metaphors for anything, right?

8. Yung Poison Eezy in the Greenhouse
We got us some Yung Poison Ivy. And the obligatory “WE GOT A RUNNER!” scene. That chase scene literally had me sitting here like “SHOOT HIM!” And I HATE that. Not that I’m a Good Guy Gordon or anything, but uh… I feel like Gordon just contributed to the Poison Ivy we’ll all get to know and love in the future.

9. Lookin-Ass Penguin
“Not-Penguin-but-for-real-tho-it’s-Penguin” ass outchea spillin all the brew like a bull in Teavana. Snitchin on Fish. In true betch fashion, he over here tryna run up the ladder by talking shit but as we learn, Fish don’t leave no unsnipped edges so she KNOW when you lyin’ about gettin’ a haircut. Some of us WHO WILL REMAIN UN


There were more things to note but I wanna keep reviews short and sweet so I won’t talk about EVERYTHING. For example, the main plot or theme. Lol. But really though. It’s better you watch the show than have me talk about EVERYTHING. At any rate, we can tweet about it. Follow me @SageSaturn. I’ve already talked AT LENGTH (wink) about Riddler with friends.



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