The Art of Sunday

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In the process of taking back my life–that is, creating the conditions for and leading the life I desire as opposed to living in reaction to everything that occurs–I’ve decided to verbify Sunday.

What does it mean To Sunday?

Sunday (v): To create and live in a space/time of personal luxury; to do the things that resonate with you with you and allow you to positively interact with yourself and your surroundings. 

Every week after Saturday and before Monday, I will sunday like a boss. I may invite others to sunday with me or I may sunday alone. I will look to see how others are sundaying and I will look to see who sundays where.

I decided that Sundays would be the day that I throw my cares and anxieties to the wind and just do me. Whether that means I need to prepare a schedule for the upcoming week, do some retail therapy, get a haircut, or even do leftover work because even though I’m sundaying time doesn’t wait, I’ll do so with a proactive agency and a barrier that won’t be penetrated by worry, anxiety, or negativity.

I will sunday.

How do we use Sunday?

We can say: I sunday; you sunday; he/she/it sundays; we sunday; you (plural) sunday, they sunday.

I will sunday next Sunday with Daniel Radcliffe at the Met.

Jack and Jill sunday on hills most of the time.

Jack fell down and broke his crown while sundaying.

Jill came tumbling down after when she sundaed (variation: sunday’d) with that tramp Jack.

How does Sage Sunday?

When I sunday, I try to do so in such a way that will scratch the itch of curiosity I have about… well, everything. I like to expand my mind in some way. While I’ve only recently given it a name, I’ve been sundaying for a long time. And so have you.

I used to sunday with one of my best friends frequently after work. We’d meet up at her apartment with light social accessories and talk. Talk about our dreams, our wants, the positives about our days. We’d let our hair down and be free.

Now, about a year later, I’ve rediscovered the art in a different manner and I absolutely refuse to lose the art again. It’s so powerful.

I prepare to sunday by ending the night before as gently as possible. As I’m not a college kid anymore, it’s much easier to not go out on Saturday nights with the intention of not being able to remember the evening. Plenty of water, plenty of rest. Perhaps even a schedule for the next day if I want to hit up certain spots/activities.

On the morning of the sunday, I wake up early and start my coffee. While waiting for it, I take a glass of water or juice and think about what I want to do for the day. (If I’ve prepared a schedule, I review and revise if necessary.) I shower and do hygiene before choosing a nice outfit that’s comfortable and appropriate for the day. Even though my sunday outfit tends to include dress shoes, if I plan to go to the beach: No thanks!

The sunday that sticks out most memorably in my mind was the one I just completed. It was unorthodox because I had to teach a student early in the morning. I received him in a hotel downtown where we had breakfast with his wife and daughter. After the class, I decided to knock out some shopping I planned the night before. I walked down to the mall a few blocks away only to discover that it opened at noon–two hours from the current time!

Unbothered as one should aspire to be while sundaying, I silently debated whether or not to walk on the beach (maybe 10 minutes away walking) or take the bus home and come out later. I got on the bus because it seemed as though it might rain and rather than get off at the metro that would take me home, I let it complete it’s circular route twice.

In this way, I learned more about the city I now call home than I ever did before. When noon hit, the bus arrived right in front of the mall. I got off the bust and went straight to the store I knew wouldn’t disappoint: C & A. I bought the belt, shirt, and pants that I’d been meaning to buy (after trying on a number of outfits because they looked nice and, hey–you never know).

C&A Shirt / Kingdom of Wisdom - The Art of Sunday @

Pink is not normally my color, but while sundaying, my inner voice is more uninhibited. I don’t regret the purchase a bit.

C&A Pants - The Art of Sunday @

These dark pants are better worn during the evening and far away from the noonday heat.

C&A Belt - The Art of Sunday @

I needed a new belt so badly. I really like this one. It may go well w/ next month’s shoe purchase!

Miss Selena refuses to be left out.

Miss Selena refuses to be left out of any photo shoot.

After checking out, I made a point to go straight home instead of eat at the food court, where Niel had cooked soup and saved me some.

Post-lunch and several tweets later, I took the ultimate nap. I woke up to text from João Kelben inviting me to go with him to Recife Antigo, THE place to be on Sunday evenings.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Despite the rain that eventaully became a downpour, we had a lot of fun. It wasn’t about hiding from the rain, but enjoying the act of running in the torrents with hundreds of other young people laughing at how ridiculous everything was.

(Everyone dresses to make an impression in Recife Antigo, so it’s honestly hilarious to see this kind of excitement while all the people are wearing their well-prepared clothing.)

How You Should Sunday

The art of sunday is a universal and individual art form. It’s like breathing with values. I can’t tell you how to sunday anymore than I can tell you how to become powerful in your own right. It’s really all up to you.

Every time we choose to leave the rat race of life in a way that’s fulfilling to us, we are sundaying. When we resist the world telling us how and who to be–even for a few hours–we are sundaying. When we take charge of our lives and choose to be carefree, choose to be jovial, choose to exercise our choice, we are sundaying.

One can sunday all the time, if one so chooses to do so. One can sunday every Sunday. One can Sunday only on Tuesdays. It doesn’t even have to be called sundaying. Some ways to sunday:

  • People-watch in the mall or at a commerce district
  • Go to see a movie alone or with a friend whose company you enjoy
  • Call up a friend you’ve not seen in ages and have coffee or lunch
  • Take a day trip to a nearby town and do something touristy
  • Go to a nearby park or square and read a book you’ve been meaning to
  • Prepare a simple meal and have lunch on the roof
  • Accept your friend’s invitation to brunch
  • Write in a journal or finish that blog post you’ve been procrastinating on
  • Write a thinkpiece (and then don’t publish it because nobody likes thinkpieces apparently, haha)
  • Exercise or do some physical activity that you don’t usually do

There are tons of ways to sunday and I’ve only just scratched the surface. I’d love to know what you think, so tell me how you sunday! Do you even sunday on Sunday? Share your sunday secrets with me in the comment section, or on twitter @SageSaturn. I’d love to hear from you!


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Sage Nenyue is a hi-falootin' Cappuccino aficionado who's searching for the foundation of freedom, happiness, and personal luxury.


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