Portal 2: Cute Little Bullet Thingies (Turrets)

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Somewhat Daily Musings

I’ve been playing Portal 2 for the last several weeks when I got the spare moment to do so. The dialogue is so cheeky and fun (sometimes TOTALLY MESSED UP!) that I find myself listening to Youtube compilations of the sound files at my job while I’m working with products. Now, most people go searching for GLaDOS quotes. Not here. At Aperture Science, we take the road less traveled. We search for Turrets. What are Turrets, you ask?

Aren’t they cute? For those who have played the game, relive the memories of having several hundred rounds of bullets blasted at your body. For those who haven’t played the game, hopefully this cute robotic violence will convince you otherwise. Do it for science.

The Portal games are a lot of fun, and if you don’t play them, you don’t care about science and nobody cares about you. Awkward. :-/



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