International Work: Logo Accepted in Brazilian Department of Youth

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So, I woke up all happy-sauce today. I was tasked with making a logo for the Department of Youth in the city of Surubim in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil and it was actually used!

I mean, don’t get me wrong: If someone asks for something, of course they’ll use it. But I think the enormity of the opportunity struck me more than anything. I am glad to have gotten the opportunity, but I guess when you’re not used to people who aren’t in your immediate family and local circles trusting you to use your talents to create something for them…

Here’s the logo! You can click on it for a sharper image if your browser shows it as slightly blurry.

Here it is!

I suppose this is a post of gratefulness and thanks: Grateful for the opportunities that come my way and thankful for the foundations upon which I stand. Honestly, it’s a great birthday gift! 🙂 Now to stand on these student loans….


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