Deadpan Delights: Seriously Funny, Somewhat Uncomfortable

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Somewhat Daily Musings / Writing

So with the advent of Twitter hash tags (#) and the common usage of summarizing events and feelings with them in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, I’ve decided to create Deadpan Friday. Or, in hashtag form, #DeadpanFriday, wherein one asks a question where the answer is expected to be offensive, but turns out to be quite serious and literal.

For example:

What did President Obama call presidential hopeful Mitt Romney? Mitt Romney. #DeadpanFriday

Why did the ball fall from the ledge? Gravity. #DeadpanFriday

What’s black, white, and old? Movies before technicolor. #DeadpanFriday

What do Jews call cars? Cars, if they speak English. If they speak Portuguese, they call them “carros.” Were you expecting a laugh at the expense of semetic people? Don’t be a racist anti-semite. #DeadpanFriday

Three men walk into a bar. They get hurt because skulls and metal rarely mix well. #DeadpanFriday

You know you’re Indian when your parents and grandparents can trace their lineage to India for many generations. #DeadpanFriday

This sort of humor tickles me fancy because it takes society-wide assumptions about the assumptions that others are going to make and makes a complete 180 degree turn, turning our assumption-reliant culture on its assuming head. And because it borders the ridiculous at times. But I digress. We laugh at jokes about minority ethnic groups or economically-challenged people, etc. but rarely ever try to find out about the conditions that put them in the situations we laugh at; or in some cases, the histories that led up to the time where we can laugh. When we do start to look at the nuances, we get uncomfortable. We call on the joke to go back to being as light and fluffy as it was before we started thinking critically.

serious clown fishWhy isn’t it funny anymore?! It had the appearance of a joke, the delivery of a joke, but it hurts and is uncomfortable!!

This has been a more-or-less daily writing assignment to get my fingers back into the habit of writing. Thank you for reading. I hope you’re uncomfortable.


The Author

Sage Nenyue is a hi-falootin' Cappuccino aficionado who's searching for the foundation of freedom, happiness, and personal luxury.

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