Alyssa Tells it: The Undergrad Graduate Experience

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Millennial Stepping Stone

My sister Alyssa wrote this beautiful article that speaks to the experience of the recent undergraduate. It’s all about looking ahead despite an uncertain future and striving through present obstacles that really try to make uneven the odds. But in what is sure to be considered classic literature fifty years down the line, Suzanne Collins writes, “And may the odds be ever in your favor!” in regards to fighting through an environment rigged to destroy you. That said, Alyssa brings home the cake in expressing the bombardment of troubles faced by the class of 2012.

A Howard University Graduate Looks Ahead
By Alyssa McLendon

I don’t understand why people say graduating college is the best time of your life. If that’s the case, then the Lord should just take me now.

A past Howard University commencement. (Howard University)I’ve never been more stressed in my life. I’m frantically searching for a full-time job while avoiding badgering (but well-intentioned) questions about my future. For the first time, I have absolutely no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in a month. My business friends were offered their $60,000-salary jobs last fall while we journalism students desperately shoot out résumé tapes and writing samples in response to every Internet ad and nervously drum our fingers waiting to hear whether our internships will land us an entry-level position with benefits.

Although the past four years at Howard University have been undeniably fun and life-changing, most of my friends agree that “stressed” is the best word to describe the final months of what’s supposed to be the grandest time of our lives. And here’s why: …. Read more


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