Make the Right Choice: Hire a Liberal Arts Student

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So I stumbled upon this awesome pdf from the University of Wisconsin-Madison titled: Why hire a Liberal Arts major

The document outlines a few major reasons that employers can benefit from.

1.  Liberal arts majors are passionate, self‐motivated learners


2.  Liberal arts majors are tolerant, culturally‐aware and globally knowledgeable

I prefer acceptance to tolerance, and intergalactic to global. Just saying.

3.  Liberal arts majors possess exceptional communication skills

I’m pretty sure it’s terrifically profound…

4.  Liberal arts majors are not limited by specialization

Math and reading have never been so much fun!

5.  Liberal arts majors need you!

If we didn’t need you, well, I wouldn’t be going through the trouble of projecting this exterior nonchalant image while simultaneously showing how motivated and ambitious I am.

All that said, The College of Wooster has really prepared me for life in the real world and I think that the Liberal Artsy way of doing things is kind of awesome. If I didn’t I wouldn’t advocate for it so. Just saying.


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