and so the end begins…

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Here’s my brand new space on the web. I spent all day making it. See how it sparkles with that new web look? I already miss Aaron, my good friend who stayed with me for the first week of spring break, but I will survive. If one could call that surviving.

At any rate, it’s spring break and I’m dying to finish my independent study… A little background on that:

Enter stage left, Sage Nenyue–22 years old; a brown-skinned male with dark short-cropped hair wearing a white button-down shirt tucked into a pair of semi dark-blue jeans; he proclaims to have a social life, but all he does is work. He sits down at the iMac in the library, designing some arcane document that looks like more fun than it is. His space is cluttered with drafts that he rarely refers to, having internalized the issues at hand and fixing them as he goes along. Very importantly, there sits a calender reading March 16, 2012.

Enter stage right, Student One. Student One is a wide-eyed college kid; Student One is pretty intelligent, but doesn’t know common Senior Thesis Worker courtesy, being a freshman and all….

Student One: Hello!

Sage: (Not looking up.) Hello, George.

Student One: How’s I.S.?

Sage: (Keels over and dies.)

Lights fade, scene ends.

Essentially, the purpose of my independent study is to draw on scholarly research to create a digital magazine for Millennials interested in travel, culture, and civic engagement. The worst part is that because it’s a creative topic, people assume I have it easy. They miss the draw on scholarly research part in favor of the ‘ohh, he gets to play on InDesign‘ mindset. As of now, I have upward of 50 sources for this bloody study, and I am somehow still counting.

Also, the pages I’m laying out are killers! They don’t want to listen to me when I tell them to look nice. Apparently, I have to make them pretty and functional. A pox upon whoever decided that a day will only contain 24 hours! I believe we should petition against the Sun’s established orbit and demand we be placed on a solar revolutionary track that gives us at least as many hours per day as Venus! Venus has 243 Earth days in a single rotation! Why not US?!

At this point, there is only one week left. I shall arrange to have myself blasted out of orbit in order to finish my Independent Study on our celestial neighbor, where time makes sense. Astrodork? No.

Google. It was always google.


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Sage Nenyue is a hi-falootin' Cappuccino aficionado who's searching for the foundation of freedom, happiness, and personal luxury.

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